Court Architecture Executive Research Tour 2019 in Ireland

The Court Tour was designed to provide opportunities for architects, judges, court executives, researchers and other justice specialists from different jurisdictions to work together, to share ideas and improve the design process and outcomes for court projects. The tours provide many opportunities for informal exchanges between hosts and tour participants, and between the participants themselves.

Besides its interest in court architecture, the 2019 Court Tour will carry on its reflection, initiated during past editions, on how courts can respond to the digital transformation that is already starting to shape not just court buildings and rooms, but the court estate and the type of services provided by the justice system more generally. This year’s focus will be put on the digital transformation of courts, and in particular on the concept of virtual court.

This year the Court Tour will take participants throughout the East coast of Ireland, from Dublin to Cork. In Dublin, participants will have a chance to visit the four hundred years old Four Courts, as well as to explore the modern Criminal Courts of Justice. Travelling through Ireland, they will also visit courts in Cork and Kilkenny which represent successful and inspiring combinations of century-old existing courthouses and recent renovations incorporating technological transformations.

This executive research tour is co-sponsored by the Court of the Future Network in Australia and New Zealand, and the Institute for advanced judicial studies (IHEJ).

About the Court of the Future Network

The Court of the Future Network is a group of architects, engineers, psychologists, judicial officers, lawyers, criminologists and others in Australia and New Zealand who work closely with court communities to improve the quality of justice environments.

Their interests include both the physical and psychological setting of courts and tribunals, and also the processes and rituals of justice. They identify emerging issues, carry out research to discover and test how new approaches might work in the real world of the court, and disseminate information through conferences and workshops.

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Date(s) - 15/09/2019 - 20/09/2019